It was a loooooong day today. I woke up at 5 AM so I could get to school in time to finish my new painting and made about three brushstrokes before decided I was doing more harm than good and then collapsed on a couch in the hallway for oh, about five hours. Oi. Art couches are not the comfiest things and I had funny dreams.

Not that it was a bad day, there was something otherworldy about navigating the metro at such a strange, early hour (you know, that hour when most people are going to work and I’m usually still happy in bed).

But by the time I got home (walking thru the rain no less) it was time for güd füds. Güd comfort füds even. Ie: macaroni and cheeze, Fatfree Vegan-style. I’ve never made a vegan creamy concoction before (excluding bean and vegetable purees), and it hit a spot I didn’t know needed hitting. Yummers in tummers and all that. Praise Susan!

I also made a half batch of zucchini apple muffins from the Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk zine, and even though they needed WAY more soy milk than the recipe called for, they were pretty notch!