I just got the V-Con!!!!!!!!

I rode the bus home with this silly stupid grin on my face, poring over everything like a kid at christmas, and within 2 seconds I found the perfect recipe for a quick after-school dinner that would pair with a fiesta grapefruit/bell pepper/lime salad I’d made the day before. So I whipped up the Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu in about 2 minutes (the only snag being my oven deciding to die – alas I had to pan-fry), and had the best dinner I’ve had in a while. I’ll admit I’ve been craving just those kinds of flavours, but the breading is so light, and paired with some limeade (and extra hot sauce) I was totally at a picnic table watching a june afternoon go by (never mind that it’s freezing outside).

This is my first Isa/Terry book! I feel like dancing! *dances all over kitchen*

……now I just have to somehow forget about reading it cover to cover tonight, and work on things that are due tomorrow. Phooey. (You won’t be seeing the last of me, beautiful V-Con! I’ll probably cave and make cookies from your pages, in oh, about 3 hours of boring drawing. mwahahaha!)