Am I doing the one post a day thing? I don’t think I’m even indenture–*ahem*– on the VeganMoFo Grand Official List of Obsessive Posting. No matter, I’ll play along. Here’s a cake! I made it for Star’s 22nd, out of your standard wacky cake recipe (x2) with extra almond extract, most of the oil subbed for applesauce, and half the water turned to almond milk. It also features a double batch of that gooey pudding-y icing (that I like WAY better than buttercream), a layer of 4-fruit quebecoise jam, and homemade raspberry truffle chocolates on top. Oh, and a little bit of buttercream writing on top, because hey buttercream ain’t so bad (in fact it’s pretty delicious in small amounts). Nomanomnomnom.