If there had been anyone else around me 5 minutes ago, they’d be picking flecks of tomato sauce off their shirts and wondering what snarfing demon had momentarily possessed my sammich-hoover face. And it’s all cause of these bean balls, which are like fluffy-beany-savoury-mushy balls smothered in my favouritest of all multitasking sauces – marinara – and piled on a chewy pita with a bit of nayonnaise, nooch, extra sauce, peppers and toms – YUM. V-con has done it again! I actually made a full recipe of something for once and I am SO glad I did, I just have to figure out how to pack something like this for lunch tomorrow without it turning to soup before I get to it (delicious, delicious soup…… *droooools*). I also added worcestershire and black pepper, cause I like those things. :)

(right now they’re being extra cooperative and frying in a pretty pattern, but in reality they take a bit of time to brown and it’s nice to have a movie playing on a computer next to you while you roll them around with your hand cause it’s a much better tool for the job than any utensil)

(I’ll also concede that my balls (ahahaha!!) may have had a different texture than intended cause I used homemade beans and then I didn’t even measure them. I am lazy queen. :)