Cookies galore, man. Today was my first day home, and it’s a good thing too, since my mum designated it Cookie Day (can I complain about that? …. no. no I can’t. *grin*). My sister and I baked all morning and only botched one recipe (btw, don’t use leftover oatmeal in cookies… it just makes them taste gummy-weird). But the rest were great! Clockwise from the top left, there’s V-con Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies, except with homemade sour cherry preserves instead of raspberry; Chocolate PB cuppin cakes; Rumnog pecan cookies with walnuts instead, Dreena’s homestyle cookies with mint chocolate chips (TRY THIS COMBO!), and um, the aforementioned botchers. They might try and convince you that they’re actually orange-cranberry oatmeal, but really they’re shite. teehee, don’t eat them.

Sexy shot of Dreena’s cause they’re probably my favourite cookie ever, with the mint, oooooh… *drools a little on the keyboard*

And my sister being a cupcake monster. :DDD