Good old spinach ‘sagna… it could have used a bunch more sauce, but I like my ‘sagna juicy enough to squish. Marinara lack is all part and parcel of making vegan food from a communal larder – my mom lives with 3 other people so I have to be aware of supplies – but it went over well with the roommates and I’m so using almesan as a topper again! No more lame-o breadcrumbs. Also, I came home today to hear that the german meat-lover had finished up the leftovers, so huzzah and score-point for tofu ricotta!!

Chipotle butternut chili. I’d been craving chili forevers, so I made a ton and I was really happy I did. There was cornbread to go with it, but got snarfed up before a picture was taken (oh, I loves me cornbread… so simple and grainy and sweetly good… mmm)

And tonight some simple dhal, after a looooooooong day of shopping for christmas candies. Okay, so it’s fun to buy sweets for sweethearts, but after eating a food court so-called “Veggie Delite” sub sandwich** of Incredible Blandness I needed immediate protein-ified spicy remedying after getting home. Serves me for even entering a mall. ¬_¬ (the dhal was good medicine)

**no relation whatsoever to Veggie Delight!