So, a spurdle (or spurtle, or spirtle, or – of all things – theevil) is a Scottish porridge-stirring stick. I’d known about their existence for a while, but had never seen one in stores, and really wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would make versus a wooden spoon. It’s supposed to keep the oats from breaking up too much, and by golly it actually works like that! I felt like I was wielding a fairy wand when I used it for the first time. It makes really fluffy oats. yay! I also got a gigantinormous glass jar of my favourite brand of porridge, and an bowl-cozy with moo-cow pattern on it, cos my mum knows me sooooo well and knows I would squee like a wee kid for all the oatmeal bling. I wonder how many times I can say oatmeal? :o

I’m also pretty keen on stirring deosil – clockwise, instead of widdershins – counter-clockwise, lest the faeries come and steal my first born or turn me to ice or at any rate have their evil fun with me. You can’t be too careful!

The Banana Wheat Germ Muffins from the Veganomicon are really nice, too. Slightly crispy as advertised, verrrrry light, almost cupcake-y in texture. I wish I had remembered to stir the walnuts inside, but they’re pretty on top. I also might add another banana to the recipe, or use bananas that were more ripe and flavorful, but anyway they were tasty. (use the whole tbsp of cinnamon! It’s not too much)