See, if I blog I don’t have to write essays… (oh, the logic that sustains me XD )

Sooo… I made the cutlets. And I think I confirmed my suspicion that I’m not the biggest fan of Knife & Fork style dinners… I also discovered that I actually DO own a steak knife, which I needed to eat these. They were good, I guess, but I only really started to enjoy myself once I scraped the mustard sauce off and started eating everything with my hands. Basically, there was a lot of hype, and I think if I had heard absolutely nothing about them I’d be pretty impressed, especially with the texture, but I don’t think I’ll even be making them again. Or if I did, I’d make them into nugget-sizes and dip them in a creamy tofu dip, which I think would match them like a charm.

The v-con mustard sauce itself was pretty good, just not on top of anything, which is probably due to sheer salt content (broth, grain mustard, my low-quality sherry wine, soy sauce, AND caper brine are all basically made of salt and that’s like 95% of the recipe). I liked it out of a spoon, and I think it’ll make a killer mustard-y sandwich spread tomorrow, but it was kinda too thick and strong to use as a sauce. Dreena’s lemony green beans and potato smashers get A++++, though, I liked those best of all.

I also made the ED&BV Supercharge Me! Cookies this morning, and zomg, they have come to waggle their deliciousness at all the other, more unhealthy cookies that have come before. Cause they’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E. They don’t taste like health cookies at all, they just taste spelty tender and chewy, with a faint hint of toasty coconut and nutty butter chew… dear, I could eat a whole pan.

I’ve decided to start seriously working through the V-con and my Dreena books, as you might be able to tell. I’ll have to quash my desire to experiment haphazardly with my own recipes for a while, but I’ll probably learn more about cooking this way (or at the very least start grocery shopping with an actual plan). I’m hoping that one day, someday, I can say to my grandkids that “yes, I made EVERY recipe in that there book. Who knows why! Now let’s go climb a mountain cos I’m vegan and insanely healthy for an old lady, woooo!” (or something like that X)