Sometimes I think I forget that making food for myself should be about what I want sometimes, and not about what’s in the fridge, or what recipe technique I’ve been meaning to try, or how much protein I’ve gotten in a particular day, or pretty much any reason besides appetite. So when I woke this morning with a one track mind playing “ITALIAN SAUSAGE SOUP” loud and clear, I put beans on to soak post-haste (did you know they only really have to soak for 4 hours?), and ran out for the only thing I needed to get, which was celery (wooooo celery!).

It turned out pretty fast and it’s a beautiful thing — spicy and tomato-ey and full of luscious seitanic veggie goodness. Totally worth every moment and for once I think I’m really gonna look forward to eating the same meal for the next few days… mmmmmm snaussages…. :O~~~~~~~~

I stole the recipe from allrecipes, but I changed it somewhat concerning spices and vegetarian-ness and left the pasta out ’cause this way I can have an extra bread roll with it, you know?

(by the way, I LOVE the smell of cooking kidney beans like nothing else – they smell kinda like… earth and afternoon and burgundy)

(also, I bet zucchini would be pretty good in this, it was just real expensive at the store today)