So I haven’t been cooking a lot this week, which is definitely a good thing. Sometimes I buy so much food it’s ridiculous, and my freezer is about the size of a shoebox – fills up fast! So I’ve been eating leftovers and tomato soup, mostly (btw, adding dried onion/garlic, vegetables and leftover beans to tinned tomato soup has got to be the best most easiest cold-weather supper ever). Didn’t stop me from making cookies, though! Officially my first batch of cookies from Vegan With a Vengeance, it’s the chocolate thumbprints! SO incredibly good, like little brownie fudgebombs, zomg. The batter was insane gooey so I had to add more flour, but it’s pretty wet around here and the end result turned out great anyway. I didn’t have raspberry or apricot jam, but I did have sour cherry preserves that my mom canned while she lived in Kelowna and the combination is wonderful – a little tart button of juiciness in the centre, so perfect. I gave most of them away, but now I kind of want to make another batch for ME, haha.

And I’ve been waiting – just waiting – for the second I had french bread in the house to make the fronch toast. (okay, so it was actually panini-bread, but vutever, it works!). It was a little chewy the first time, I definitely overtoasted the bread, but it was still a total revolution to taste my FAVOURITE breakfast ever, after years of not having it. Whenever I went out for breakfast as a kid I would always get french toast – big fat icing-sugared slabs (usually more than I could handle), covered in strawberry sauce and whipped cream… so eating this is like being an eight-year-old in a hotel breakfast nook alllll over again. tres nostalgique!

It was so good in fact, that I had to make it again (this time without toasting the bread and letting it soak more in the milky batter). Beautifully crispy-tendersoft toast! I could eat this forever and ever and ever….. and can you believe I found pretty much a bucket of cherries for a dollar? So not in season or anything, but tasty nonetheless.

I also added a splash of vanilla and a dash of salt and cinnamon to the batter, and I’m already thinking of wackier versions (chocolate? herb & garlic? curried? hee hee). I mean, it’s just battered toast, right? What more could you ask for in a meal-base? Mousse on top! :OOOO

Yeah, I’ll have the weirdest hotel in the world someday. :D

(coming up: experiments with drying cherries in incredibly humid weather, ooh!)