Spring’s coming, I just know it! It might just be the feeling of health increasing with every passing morning, but today there was real sun, and slush, and I chose to take a long walk, for the first time since maybe december. It was *glorious*. And I felt like celebrating, so I knew dinner had to be spicy and full of fruit!

Before that, though….

Nothing says spring to me like nurturing small things like yeasty-beasts to life. Totally inspired by Ashasarala’s beautiful whole wheat sourdough bread, I decided to mix together my own sourdough starter. It already smells so very alive! I also started some sprouts yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture (and it’s pretty much just lentils in a jar at this point).

My first foray into boiling seitan – I was soooooo tempted to change up the spices (recipe’s from the V-con of course), but I left well enough alone in the name of seitanic science and I am yes yes very glad I did! Strangely, the simple flavouring is full and nice enough just as it is, and I even love the texture! It’s softer and more chicken-y, and perfect for what I wanted to make next —-

Okay, it’s just the mis-en-place for what I made next – Naughty Curry’s Pineapple Couscous Curry (and I was led to the wonderful NC site through the FatFree Vegan Kitchen, thank you so much!). Can we say fun to make? Fiery cauldron action, popcorn-loud mustard dances, chile-fire bubblin’ brilliant colours, yum yum yum!

And sooooo worth it, flavour-wise. I wish I’d had the full 1 1/2 cups of pineapple juice, I can definitely see where an extra bit of juiciness would push this over the edge, but certainly it was festive enough to actually make me turn off my ever-present music blaring and let the flavours riot on their own. This is the kind of thing excellent dinner parties are made of. Orange food! Anyway… I’m still holding strong on my vow not to buy any groceries for one full week and you know what? It is way way more fun to cook like that. Necessity and invention and all that.

(I can still buy oranges and catfood, though. Some things you don’t mess with. ;)