Just a quick ‘fu-centric update — pictured here is the marinade for v-con spicy tempeh and broccoli rabe pasta. Tempeh around here is about as precious as gold (I’ve tasted the stuff, oh, maybe once), so I stood in tofu instead. Worked really well, and I’m a sucker for fennel and spice, so I’ll probably be using this marinade for other stuff, too.

Yummmmmmy! Probably my favourite pasta dish in recent memory. Chewy, pleasantly bitter from the rabe, spicy and just, well, good.

(I should also mention that the spirally nature of the pasta is oh-so mandatory for getting crumbly bits of fried goodness into every nook and cranny of every bite. OH SO mandatory! :p)

And what goodness could this gooey bowl of fruit-glue be????

Hot cross buns! I used Carla’s recipe from But Did They Eat It?, except I used raisins, apricots, currants and candied ginger (instead of raisins, blueberries and cranberries). So much fun to make! I used to adore these things, even more than easter chocolate. You can get chocolate any time, right? But spicy fruited buns were special, even the storebrand kind that we got. I also found out that they’re suitably pagan!! The cross was originally a Saxon thing, and it represented the four phases of the moon, so I felt gloriously faithful to my hippie-dippy roots and munched warm buns with my buddies who weren’t expecting sunday baked goods at all! (unexpected baked goods are SO the best kind).

And the second half of tofu brick got lovingly transformed into v-con tofu florentine, which made a fantastic Eostre/Easter brunch. I was especially taken with the broiled tofu – I think I’ve been under-doing my tofu all this time! Granted, I usually like it creamier (rawer?) than super firm, but it was cool to cut it into steaky little pieces for a change. And cheeze + spinach + tomatoes + taters = loooooove.

In other news….

I stumbled onto tofu on sale today and now I’m the proud owner of 3 (!!?) bricks. Oh dear…. ^_^;