Thank you so much Poopiebitch, Dark Faerie, Cyn of Pink-Haired Girl and Katy of Legally Vegan for nominating me for the Brillante web award! I figure it’s already gone around a lot, but in the interest of complimenting people I’ll nominate seven other bloggers who I think deserve such a cute little graphic on their site —

1. A-K / Swell Vegan, for not only having truly droolworthy photography and so many creative and sometimes raw meals, but also for sending me so many delicious (and repeatable) recipes over the past few months!

2. Theresa / Tropical Vegan, for her creative twists on tropical bounty, and her dedication to living sustainably and being an informed and responsible human being in every way. And also Nacho is adorable!

3. Sarah / Vegetalion, for that quirky sense of humour and always entertaining posts on adventurous foodstuffs! Eating by spectrum, dealing with zombie yams, or inventing vegan gulab jamun, it’s never boring over there. :P

4. Kittee @ Cake Maker to the Stars, which has inspired me since Vegan Day:01 to forget rules and get colourful, experimental, and most importantly irreverent with my cooking (and other parts of life, too!)

5. Jes @ Cupcake Punk, mostly because I just like her style, but also for the gorgeous photography, and for putting pistachios in everything (and for having a gray cat called Dorian Gray ;)

6. Sarchan @ Emo Potato, for the most hugest and deliciousest looking meals/foods ever, you seriously have to cook for me at some point! (also: smiths references + best blog name ever = awesome)

7. Michelle @ My Zoetrope for having such beautiful and jewel-toned artwork (it is seriously attractive), throwing in some great-looking vegan yumminess, and also for being such a strong supporter of the Vegan Etsy team, hurray!

Thanks to all of you, and to so many other blog authors who make my morning oatmeal+coffee time so much more fun and funny and inspiring! We’re doing the good work, yo. :)