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My two new favourite questions have definitely become –

1. “Sooooo…. when’s your birthday?”
2. “Aaaand…. what are your favourite flavours?”

Best response so far? Blueberry orange – thank you Jay for being adventurous!
This isn’t even the grandolith-monolith cake-o-glory – this is just the home cake! I ended up doubling the vanilla cake recipe from ED&BV, so I had enough left over to make a cake for my family for my last day in town. Tongue-in-cheek captioning and all! I also switched most of the milk for real-squeezed organic orange juice and added zest and orange extract.

Break time for real food. Tofu sharks on the cast-iron waters, arrrrrr!

Yummy stir-fry goodness, on udon noodles. And since I was candying oranges anyway for the Grandocake, I tossed some of the extra syrup in the stir-fry sauce I made and it was awesome. I also got to use my new chili-garlic sauce! Can you believe I lived this long without owning any? I totally can’t.

Home cake innards, with about a mile of icing on top because I decided to use up the extra and be generous like that. It’s almost all dyed naturally, and the blueberry flavour is the juice from the pot that I stewed the blueberry filling in. It tasted… blue. Amazingly, burstingly blue. (I pat myself on back now).

And the pièce de résistance – A triple-decker, fully torted, stuffed with filling, moist and citrusy, sparkling berry bonzanza mouth-party!!!

I wish I had pictures of the insides… they would bring a tear to your eye. I woke up the next morning to find birthday boy excavating the orange mountain with a fork and a slight hangover and a pretty blissful expression on his groggy face, to which I say mission successful! and also….

what are your favourite flavours? :D

Am I doing the one post a day thing? I don’t think I’m even indenture–*ahem*– on the VeganMoFo Grand Official List of Obsessive Posting. No matter, I’ll play along. Here’s a cake! I made it for Star’s 22nd, out of your standard wacky cake recipe (x2) with extra almond extract, most of the oil subbed for applesauce, and half the water turned to almond milk. It also features a double batch of that gooey pudding-y icing (that I like WAY better than buttercream), a layer of 4-fruit quebecoise jam, and homemade raspberry truffle chocolates on top. Oh, and a little bit of buttercream writing on top, because hey buttercream ain’t so bad (in fact it’s pretty delicious in small amounts). Nomanomnomnom.


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