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(Star’s phenomenal baked veggie pâté, guacamole, v-con caesar salad)

(wakey-wakey muffins (recipe pending), v-con cornbread, more pretty pâté, sesame-spelt bread, and somewhere around here were these delicious dill pickles, cut like ruffle-chips)

The second of our moon-based potlucks, this one was a small but cozy and fairly jumping affair. Despite over-garlicking the caesar by a LOT, the omnis were devouring it down, as well as raving about the wakey muffins and okay, everything else! In fact, it kinda went like –

omnis: “Ooh, potluck!”
veggies: “Yep, vegan potluck.”
omnis: “OOH, POTLUCK!”

Nice to see that kind of reaction, like the vegan revolution is actually gaining headway!

Star and I started Lunch Crew — every Wednesday we’re gonna make something delicious and then eat it. These were suitably delicious!

especially with applesauce. ;)

Okay, so the sad sad truth is that living alone on a fairly small budget with a fairly small stomach means I can’t be running around making giant meals all the time. Most of the time dinner is fresh corn on the cob, actually. But sometimes I go all out, and even though these pictures are kinda old (maybe a month ago), I gotta talk about sushi night!

For my first foray into seaweed delights, I wasn’t gonna use no stinking recipes! I just chopped up some delicious sushi-ables (avocado, red pepper, match-sticked carrots, cucumber, toasted sesames, marinated tofu, peanuts, sprouts, asparagus and green onion) and went apeshit for a few hours. So. Much. Fun! The sushi pictured on the left is what came out of it, pretty much all of them some variation on a vegetable roll. And I like vegetable rolls! But somehow it was lacking in punch, direction, zazz.

So I wised up. I actually looked at some recipes for the next batch, notably the PPK sushi recipes, and the amazingly good so good better than sex Mango Salsa Roll!! Seriously, Star and I were moaning and rolling on the floor as the flavour cascaded thru our mouths, juicy and cilantro-y and wonderfully shrimp-free. She liked the mango best, and I was torn between that and the spicy tofu. I do likes spicy.

Check it out! Uramaki-style California Roll! I think that pretty much means all the boys are MINE MINE MINE, and also probably the girls as well.

I dunno how something so simple can be so satisfying, but it’s a seriously well-constructed formula – crunchy and creamy and nutty and actually a nice palate cleanser between the stronger flavoured sushis.

(and of course, the best part of making sushi is that it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party and stuff yourself silly on uncannily good food) —–>

We even invented a roll (probably just so we could enter the canon of People Who Have Named a Maki Roll). It’s got crispy sweet apple, julienned carrot and fresh ginger, and it’s actually pretty balanced and satisfying, if I do say so myself!

Bunny Roll

1 cup of sushi rice, seasoned with…
2 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar
4 sheets of nori

1 large fuji apple, sliced into 1/2 inch rectangles
2 carrots, steamed briefly, then julienned (matchsticked!)
a hunk of fresh ginger, sliced into very thin strips

roll it all up, eat with good quality soy sauce and wasabi, and then go “wow, it’s so refreshing and spicy and sweet” oh yes. : D


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