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Sorry, I just have to blog about this one meal – it was fabulous. P and I ran around our tiny kitchen and managed to concoct this feast pretty quickly, and it was so colourful and nourishing and involved more organic foods than ever! Clockwise from the rice, it’s Rice Pilaf with Dates and Almonds from the Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home; steamed kale, yellow zucchini and purple beans (that turned green once cooked but were positively eggplant-coloured before); sprouts as always; fresh dill dressing for a green salad of organic spinach, cucumber and peppers; Vcon shredded parsnip and beet salad, and Vcon tangerine tofu. She’s inspiring me, to say the least. :D

And the best parts were leftover in copious amounts the next day (I love how full of yum our fridge is right now). The rice pilaf and the beet salad were sooooooo freaking good. Best breakfast ever!

Speaking of which, I’ve decided with the change in the seasons and the opportunity to try more creative food than ever to drop my oatmeal habit and start eating what my body wants me to eat in the morning. I’m even getting on the raw train (aaaah, it actually happened!). I’m figuring more grains, more cold food, more oil and less (no) refined sugar. I used to be afraid that lightening up my eating would make me float right off the face of the earth (spacey? me? noooo…..), but I figure with a good basis in cooked ‘heavy’ food like rice and root veg and beans I can make the rest of everything else fresh-off-the-vine tasty. I’m gonna look into my LifeFood Recipe Book today!

(Star’s phenomenal baked veggie pâté, guacamole, v-con caesar salad)

(wakey-wakey muffins (recipe pending), v-con cornbread, more pretty pâté, sesame-spelt bread, and somewhere around here were these delicious dill pickles, cut like ruffle-chips)

The second of our moon-based potlucks, this one was a small but cozy and fairly jumping affair. Despite over-garlicking the caesar by a LOT, the omnis were devouring it down, as well as raving about the wakey muffins and okay, everything else! In fact, it kinda went like –

omnis: “Ooh, potluck!”
veggies: “Yep, vegan potluck.”
omnis: “OOH, POTLUCK!”

Nice to see that kind of reaction, like the vegan revolution is actually gaining headway!


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