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See, if I blog I don’t have to write essays… (oh, the logic that sustains me XD )

Sooo… I made the cutlets. And I think I confirmed my suspicion that I’m not the biggest fan of Knife & Fork style dinners… I also discovered that I actually DO own a steak knife, which I needed to eat these. They were good, I guess, but I only really started to enjoy myself once I scraped the mustard sauce off and started eating everything with my hands. Basically, there was a lot of hype, and I think if I had heard absolutely nothing about them I’d be pretty impressed, especially with the texture, but I don’t think I’ll even be making them again. Or if I did, I’d make them into nugget-sizes and dip them in a creamy tofu dip, which I think would match them like a charm.

The v-con mustard sauce itself was pretty good, just not on top of anything, which is probably due to sheer salt content (broth, grain mustard, my low-quality sherry wine, soy sauce, AND caper brine are all basically made of salt and that’s like 95% of the recipe). I liked it out of a spoon, and I think it’ll make a killer mustard-y sandwich spread tomorrow, but it was kinda too thick and strong to use as a sauce. Dreena’s lemony green beans and potato smashers get A++++, though, I liked those best of all.

I also made the ED&BV Supercharge Me! Cookies this morning, and zomg, they have come to waggle their deliciousness at all the other, more unhealthy cookies that have come before. Cause they’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E. They don’t taste like health cookies at all, they just taste spelty tender and chewy, with a faint hint of toasty coconut and nutty butter chew… dear, I could eat a whole pan.

I’ve decided to start seriously working through the V-con and my Dreena books, as you might be able to tell. I’ll have to quash my desire to experiment haphazardly with my own recipes for a while, but I’ll probably learn more about cooking this way (or at the very least start grocery shopping with an actual plan). I’m hoping that one day, someday, I can say to my grandkids that “yes, I made EVERY recipe in that there book. Who knows why! Now let’s go climb a mountain cos I’m vegan and insanely healthy for an old lady, woooo!” (or something like that X)

Well, now I know what a coulis is (a veg/fruit pureed sauce), and eating a soup with multiple layers and swirling options is always a good thing in my book. It’s from VeganYumYum so there’s no going wrong, really, and this a definite make-again recipe. 40 minutes from grocery bag to dinner table, I think? And shmancy/not-too-shmancy enough to make for a drop-in guest (all you need is roasted red pepper and broccoli). I feel nourished like a queen. :D

I also found out you can roast chestnuts in the microwave! I was all transfixed by the shells steaming open and the steamy/nutty/sweet meats that came out of the nuker-box. Even the burnt one tasted good!

Fancy shmancy lunch time! My first foray into persimmon-eating and I am a full-on convert from first incredible bite. In the salad we got arugula and dates and toasted walnuts (I would have candied them but it was just me and that might have been too sweet actually – the persimmon was like honey), and a vinaigrette of balsamic, orange zest, cinnamon and hazelnut oil. I could jump around for tastiness! I actually made a salad I could serve to people while wearing posh clothes! I thought I was a lost-cause salad maker (or maybe just wasn’t interested in the whole phenomenon), but man, has my interest been piqued. This was too good!

Continuing my obsession with the Veganomicon (I really need to get another decent vegan cookbook, n’est pas?), I made the Blueberry Corn Pancakes yesterday and they were really wonderful. I think the batter tasted even better than the cakes though – it started foaming up immediately and was kind of milkshake-ish! Also, they’re good straight-up, but they’re LOADS better out of the toaster later on – the cornmeal gets all crusty and the blueberries juice up. It’s like a pop tart except nothing like a pop tart, and way better for you.

And lastly, I really want to try the Amaranth Breakfast Bars from the Veggie Meal Plan blog, but I didn’t wanna just throw raisins and cranberries in it like I do for everything else, so I got all creative with some twine and duct tape and am now attempting to dry some apples in a super-old-school-might-not-even-work sort of way. I remember my mom hanging apple slices in the pantry when I was a kid, so in theory this should work! And if not, I’ll brave the weather outside and go *buy* some dried apples, but here’s hoping the DIY deities shine down on my little experiment.


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