After going vegan on July 10th, 2007, I began an adventure I never would have predicted – one that led me starry-eyed and rapidly-typing-fingered through the madcap land of blogging.  I learned to bake, cook, braise, appraise, dye things, never diet, veganize luscious things, try new vegetemables, and um… basically became a million times more confident in the kitchen by way of online investigation.

That being said, it’s my hope that somehow, in someway my blog might help with those random kitchen queries that pop up in the google search bar while in the midst of bubbling pots and/or whats-for-dinner grumpy states.  Inspire one to make a cake in riotous colours and fruitiness, at the least?

As for me, I’m 25, only slightly disgruntled at existence, living in the fine city of Montreal (which has no shortage of wildly creative people but a surprising lack of vegan-friendly dining!).  I’m in my last year at University finishing a double major in Studio Art and Religious Studies.  I paint a lot when I don’t cook, and when I don’t cook or paint I’m reading lots and lots (and lots) of books.  Thereby, life is good. ^_^